AlphaLAM™ from Alpha Associates, Inc. in Lakewood, NJ is a 100% virgin PTFE dispersion coated fiberglass substrate with a fluoroplastic chemical barrier composite (cast PTFE film). Custom colors and constructions are available on request with standard lead-times. AlphaLAM™ 1001 is 33 osy with 600 pli of tensile (WxF), while AlphaLAM™ 2001 is 54 osy with 1200 pli of tensile (WxF). Both products have a continuous operating temperature of 600° F.

AlphaLAM™ was designed to help bridge the performance and price-value gap between standard elastomeric coated substrates and expensive “ultra-high” temperature options in thermal expansion stress relief. For more information on AlphaLAM™ and other expansion joint materials from Alpha, visit our web-site at or stop by booth 2183 at the upcoming PowerGen 2012 show in Orlando, FL December 11-13th.

AlphaLAM™ is a trade name of Alpha Associates, Inc. Lakewood, NJ