Industrial Textiles And Facings


As a pioneer in coated and impregnated fabrics for High-Temperature applications, we ensure that all of our high-temperature textiles are engineered for strength, dependability and long service life in the harshest of environments. Recognized as a market leader, Alpha continues to drive the high-temperature textiles industry with the breadth of our product line, our state-of-the-art, USA based manufacturing capabilities and our advanced material expertise.


Our insulation facings are comprised of specially engineered composites to protect and increase the effectiveness of our insulation in industrial and commercial applications. Each is an internally formulated adhesive and coating system and designed in a lightweight, cost-effective solution while also being strong and durable. As such, our insulation facings meet numerous fire and building ratings and codes for safety and effectiveness.



Engineered elastomers are highly engineered rubber composites made for the purposes of critical aerospace, military and construction applications as well as demanding industrial applications. We focus on high-performance materials such as Silicone, Fluoroelastomer, Neoprene & EPDM as well as specialty compounds to provide maximum resistance to extreme temperatures, oils, acids, alkalis, gasoline, and oxidizers. Our engineered elastomers also have precision rubber processing capabilities.