Fiberglass Coated Sound Absorbing Fabric

Combining aesthetics and performance

Noise Barrier Acoustic Fabric

Alpha has developed a line of coated fiberglass fabrics for acoustic blankets, curtains and baffles which can operate in a wide range of temperatures. Alpha’s acoustical products are easily installed, and unaffected by moisture, humidity, dust, dirt, oils and most chemicals and used to reduce reverberant or reflected airborne noise energy on original equipment and in numerous industrial and architectural applications. Alpha also manufactures an array of reinforced facings specially designed for various bonding processes including flame lamination that can be applied to fibrous and foam insulations for sound absorption and noise barrier composites.

Style Construction Weight (oz/sy) Thickness (in) Width(s) Image Data Sheet SDS
4348 WMMA Met PET + Scrim + White Adhesive + Clear PET 1.8 .005 Up to 60
4313 MAE Met PET + Scrim + Clear PVC 2.1 .007 Up to 60
4313 WMS White PET + Scrim + Clear Heat Sealable PET 2.4 .008 Up to 60
VRP-3 White PVC + Scrim + Met PET 4.3 .008 Up to 60
VBF-2 White PVC + Scrim + Aluminum Foil 4.7 .010 Up to 60
3478-VS-2 PVC Coated Fiberglass Fabric 5.5 .005 50 /60
2859-2-SS Silicone Coated Fiberglass Fabric 8.5 .009 50 /60