Customer Service

At the heart of our business, our highly-intuitive customer service team is made up of an In-house team of trained Customer Service Representatives who rely on an internal logistics management system to provide least cost & expedited routing for each and every project. To serve our clientele, we offer samples and a regularly updated catalog of inventory to support distributors and prospective clients alike.

Sales Support

Our experienced product management team is unmatched in the industry for supporting distribution channels via joint sales calls & product training. We offer renowned product selection guidance to each and every one of our clients from any of our regional sales offices or national warehouse locations.

Technical Service

Alpha Engineered Composites is proud to offer our clients an unparalleled level of technical knowledge and experience. With extensive scientific understanding of raw materials and related processes and skilled product selection support and recommendations, our technical service team has the answers to any questions clients may have. As such, our tech team has a unique technical agility enabling the development of a wide range of processes and creative, reliable solutions for all of our clients’ needs.


Quality control is vital to the successful engineering of each and every one of our products. The Alpha Quality team is ISO 9001:2015 certified. We are equipped to perform full product testing and evaluation, including most ASTM, DIN, BS and JIS. With a team that has a long history of quality control plan implementation and internal audit capability, we incorporate product/process/service improvement teams to obtain the highest level of supplier quality monitoring and measurement. We maintain our quality team’s skill level through ongoing personnel training program.