Metal Building

Combining aesthetics and performance

Metal Building Insulation Vapor Barrier

Alpha manufactures a full range of high quality metal building insulation facings including paper backed and paper free facings that meet industry permeability standards. As a vital component to the building’s insulation system, these vapor retarders protect the insulation by isolating and concealing condensation. In addition, these MBI facings contribute aesthetic value to a construction project while meeting performance standards such as moisture migration control, light reflectivity and added material strength.

Style Construction Type Perms Width(s) Image Data Sheet SDS
VR-R PLUS White PP + Scrim + Met PET PSP .02 42/54/66/78/84
VR-R PLUS W38 White PP + Scrim + Met PET PSP .02 42/54/66/78/84    
VR-R HD White PP + Scrim + Met PET PSP .02 42/54/66/78
VR 2.0 White PP + Scrim + Natural Kraft Paper PSK .09 42/54/66/78
PPSA White PP + Scrim + Aluminum Foil PSF .02 42/54/60
VRP-3 White PVC + Scrim + Met PET VSP .02 42/54/66