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HVAC Flexible Ducting

Alpha has been at the forefront of developing flexible air duct composite materials for indoor comfort HVAC systems as a cost competitive and space saving alternative to rigid metal ductwork. Alpha manufactures a wide range of reinforced laminates and coated fiberglass fabrics for helically wound duct core and outer vapor barrier duct systems and other coated fabrics for flexible hoses requiring high service temperatures and flame resistance.

Style Construction Weight (oz/sy) Thickness (in) Width(s) Image Data Sheet SDS
13 AM Clear PET + Aluminum Foil 1.3 .0012 Slit to width
2278 AMA Met PET + Scrim + Aluminum Foil 1.5 .008 Slit to width
4348 AMA 5/10 Met Pet & Scrim & Aluminum Foil 2.4 .005 Slit to width
3478 VS-2 PVC Coated Fiberglass Fabric 5.5 .005 Slit to width
9678-VS-2 PVC Coated Fiberglass Fabric 6.5 .006 Slit to width
8101-2-SS Silicone Coated Fiberglass Fabric 12.0 .014 Slit to width