Welding Curtains & Blankets

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Welding Curtains & Blankets

Because hot work operations continue to be a leading cause of industrial fires and explosions it’s important to choose Alpha’s FM tested, approved and certified apparel, blankets, curtains and screens to protect your people, property and equipment from the ignition of combustibles due to welding, cutting and other hot work operations.

The characteristics of Alpha’s welding blankets and welding curtains meet specific performance requirements versus those products that have no certification and may only meet minimum code requirements. And FM Approvals, Follow-Up Facilities, and Procedures Audit ensure the ongoing performance of Alpha’s fire resistance products are consistently uniform, durable, and reliable.

Alpha’s welding protection products range from cost-effective lightweight curtain materials for containment of sparks and arc-flash to heavy duty, long-service fabrics to shield against molten slag. Our welding materials are made of incombustible fiberglass, silica, and aramid cloth and are available uncoated or with a specially formulated treatments to resist water, oil, harsh chemicals, fire, and abrasion. They are flexible, easy to drape, easy to cut and stitch for the widest possible applications.

Alpha’s welding blankets and welding curtains have been evaluated on their ability to:

  • Prevent burn through the material and provide adequate protection for adjacent combustible from possible sources of ignition;
  • Limit temperature transmission through the material to a degree that will prevent ignition to underlying combustibles;
  • Resist melting, dripping of deformation so as to prevent sparks from spreading outside of confined and protected areas;
  • Maintain their flexibility, durability and structural integrity when charred areas are subject to 90-degree bends;
  • Maintain their fire and temperature rise resistance properties when subjected to accelerated weathering tests intended to simulate exposure to light and water (ultraviolet [uv] and condensation, respectively) conditions.
FM Style Color Construction Weight (oz/sy) Thickness (in) Width(s) Image Data Sheet SDS

84215/9383 Tan Heat Treated Fiberglass Fabric 8.5 0.018 40/60/72
2025/9383 Tan Heat Treated Fiberglass Fabric 18.0 0.030 40/60/72
ALPHA SIL 600 Tan Vermiculite Treated Silica Fabric 18.0 0.030 35
ALPHA SIL 1000 Tan Vermiculite Treated Silica Fabric 34.0 0.050 35
25 White Plain Fiberglass Fabric 25.0 0.065 40/60/72
35 White Plain Fiberglass Fabric 35.0 0.080 40/60/72

84215 VCF Tan Vermiculite Coated
9.6 0.020 40/60
2025 VCF Tan Vermiculite Coated
17.5 0.030 40/60
VCF-25R Tan or Black Vermiculite Coated
25.5 0.042 40/60/72
VCF-35R Tan Vermiculite Coated
35.0 0.059 40/60/72
6445-2-SN Salmon Acrylic/Neoprene
Coated Fiberglass
13.5 0.015 38/60
6445-2-BRN Bulldog Red Acrylic/Neoprene
Coated Fiberglass
13.5 0.015 38/60
4032-2-AB Black Acrylic Coated
14.0 0.015 60
2150 WELDGARD Orange Acrylic Coated
24.0 0.015 40
3259-2-SR Red Silicone Coated
17.5 0.018 60
8451-SR Red Silicone Coated
32.5 0.037 38/60
3260-3 Green Hypalon Coated
18.0 0.018 60
10A120 WELDFLEX P Black High Temp
Coated Aramid
22.4 0.067 60
2385 GOLDENGARD Yellow Acrylic Coated
23.0 0.034 40/60/72
2885 GOLDENGARD Yellow Acrylic Coated
28.0 0.047 40/60/72

FCF 1650 Grey PTFE Impregnated/Coated Fiberglass 16.5 .016 60
FCF 1800 Grey PTFE Impregnated/Coated Fiberglass 18.0 .018 60
FCF 3400 Grey PTFE Impregnated/Coated Fiberglass 34.0 .034 60