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Marine Insulation Facings

Alpha marine facings offer unique service and protection characteristics for shipboard applications combining extreme working temperatures with significant abrasion and corrosion problems. Our marine products include treated fiberglass and reinforced composites used as facings for hull board insulation in shipboard and submarine hull and frame applications requiring sound abatement properties. Alpha’s laminated products also protect shipboard chilled water lines and serve as vapor-barrier jacketing and lagging and have received all applicable U.S. Naval and Coast Guard and IMO approvals.

Style Construction Weight (oz/sy) Thickness (in) Width(s) Image Data Sheet SDS
59M Clear PET + Scrim 3.0 .008 24/48
59M PS Clear PET + Scrim + PS Adhesive 4.8 .010 2/3/4
4348 AMAU Aluminum Foil + Scrim + Heat Sealable Film 2.6 .006 24/48
332 HULLBOARD CLOTH Fiberglass Fabric + FR Sizing 13.5 .016 24/48
3243 MA 332 Hullboard Cloth + 4348 AMAU 16.8 .020 24/48