Fire Protection

Combining aesthetics and performance


Alpha Fire Protection products offer critical protection to the insulation blanket used in flexible fire protection systems for commercial kitchen and grease and exhaust ducts. Alpha’s reinforced foil products are specially constructed to provide flame resistance with maximum strength and flexibility. Custom printing of the foil barrier is available in house.

Style Construction Weight (oz/sy) Thickness (in) Width(s) Image Data Sheet SDS
PPSA-44 White PP + Scrim + Aluminum Foil 1.9 .008 Up to 60″
4348 AMA 3/10 mPet & Scrim & Aluminum Foil 2.0 .003 Up to 78″
PPSA 44 PS White PP + Scrim + Aluminum Foil + PSA 4.4 .010 Up to 60″