I attended PowerGen last year in Las Vegas and was impressed with the size and content of this show. Focused mainly on support functions for all types of power generation, the main reason for Alpha Associates attendance was on high-temperature applications and industrial textiles used in expansion joints and thermal insulation.

The flue duct expansion joint market continues to search for flexible options at high temperatures. The key challenge is to address stress relief from thermal expansion and achieving this without breaking the bank. Alpha has always supported these types of efforts with new and improved products. Alpha Associates, Lakewood, NJ, will be introducing several new options for high-temperature thermal expansion applications at this year’s show. One example is AlphaLAM; a new high-performance composite product from Alpha utilizing PTFE film and woven fiberglass cloth. Samples of AlphaLAM will be in booth space 2183 in Orlando or visit our website at www.alphainc.com

For your convenience, here’s a link to register for PowerGen 2012