Domestic And International Product Testing

State-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities

Alpha’s laboratories are equipped to perform extensive raw material, in-process and finished product testing to both domestic and international test methods and standards, including; ASTM, Federal Standard 191, DIN and ISO.

Among the key textile, rheological and composite internal testing capabilities are:

ASTM D 3776 – Mass Per Unit Area of Woven Fabric
ASTM D 1777 – Method for Measuring Thickness of Textile Materials
ASTM D 5035 – Breaking Force and Elongation of Textile Fabrics
ASTM D 3884 – Rotary Platform Abrasion, Double Head Method
ASTM D 4157 – Oscillary Cylinder , Uniform Abrasion
ASTM D 1424 – Tear Resistance of Woven Fabrics by Falling Pendulum
ASTM D 5587 – Tearing Strength of Fabrics by the Trapezoidal Procedure
ASTM D 3786 – Method for Hydraulic Bursting Strength of Textile Fabric
ASTM D 1582 – Nonvolatile Content of Adhesives
ASTM D 1489 – Nonvolatile Content of Aqueous Adhesives
ASTM D 1084 – Tests for Viscosity of Adhesives
ASTM D 471 – Effect of Liquids, Fluid Immersion Testing
ASTM D 413 – Standard Test Methods for Rubber Property—Adhesion to Flexible Substrate
ASTM D 2084 – Vulcanization Using Disk Cure Meter
ASTM D 4723 – Textile Heat and Flammability Test Method
FS 191/5903.1 – Flame Resistance of Cloth; Vertical Standard
UL-94 – Flammability Test (V-0)