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Asian Sales Offices
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Shanghai, PRC
Chongqing, PRC
Taipei, Taiwan


Alpha established Shanghai Alpha Engineered Composites is 2017 to provide sales and technical support to Asia and the Eastern markets. With offices in Shanghai and Chongqing, PRC; and Taipei, Taiwan; Alpha’s Sales Engineers and Logistics team delivers the same exceptional service through Asia that customers in North America and Europe enjoy.

In 2019, Alpha formed Chongqing Alpha Engineered Composites to manufacture high temperature textile products for the Thermal Insulation, Welding and Automotive markets. Alpha Chongqing’s 50,000 sf (5,000 sm) facility includes state of the art coating equipment, full quality and testing capabilities and warehousing to deliver Alpha quality to regional and global markets.


Alpha Engineered Composites China
Room 702, Building B1, 99 Danba Road
Shanghai, 200062, P. R. China
+86 13601651536 (click to dial)