Case Studies

Case Study 1

High Temperature FAA Rated Insulation Blanket

Alpha Engineered Composites was approached by the client to design an insulation blanket with firestop capabilities in accordance with FAA requirements. The high-temperature standard needed to prevent burn-through up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit for fifteen minutes and the insulation blanket also needed to fit practically any contour.

Alpha’s high-temperature textile division has pioneered some of the most innovative engineerings in the industry. Our engineering team worked with the client’s experts to capitalize on the combined diverse manufacturing capabilities to meet and even exceed their project requirements.

The end resulting product was a metalized PET film laminated to electrical-grade fiberglass coated with uncured UL rated silicone rubber to this task.

Case Study 2

Transportation Gangway Fabric

Alpha’s engineers needed to meet the requirements for our Transportation Gangway Fabric project. Alpha’s engineers need to design a resilient flexible bellow for a light-rail gangway application. The end product needed to be pliant yet impervious to any type of cut-through, to protect against vandals. The gangway fabric also needed to be highly compressible despite repetitive stressing and meet the client’s stringent flame and smoke requirements associated with transportation applications. Additionally, the client required us to incorporate unique surface finish.

For this project, we partnered with a wire supplier to engineer a custom wire design to allow for the pliant yet impervious end product. Our expansive in-house manufacturing synergies allowed the design and creation of custom wire-inserted silicone material with multiple fabric layers.