There was a time when superior performance in harsh chemical environments demanded the use of standard fluoroelastomer materials for most gasketing applications.  Today fabricators have more options; including Alpha’s latest commercial development of AFLAS® polymer-based sheet stock materials.

Fabricators were looking for improved performance in environments like steam, amines, ammonia, and caustic soda.  This drove Alpha’s desire to expand its popular FluoroSeal® brand of fluoroelastomer-based products.  AFLAS® has superior resistance to strong bases in comparison with fluoroelastomers.  Additionally, it has better steam resistance than fluoroelastomers offering continuous operating temperatures up to 230˚C. AFLAS® has similar chemical resistance to perfluoroelastomers; yet can be more cost effective in some cases.

Alpha’s AFLAS® based sheet goods are currently available on a made-to-order basis.  Please contact your Alpha Associates representative to learn more.

+Fluoroseal®is a register trademark of Alpha Associates, Inc.
*AFLAS® is a registered trademark of the Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.